Relationship Policy 4563b section 4aab

I take it back!
I take it back!
I change my mind,
I take it all back.
I want to return our relationship policy.
This is not the product you sold to me.

You have not upheld your side of the bargain,
you have violated the terms of the contract and thus I wish to be released.

I will no longer remain by your side any longer.
I understand why you are the way you are but it does not mean I have to accept it,
nor does it mean it is my responsibility to fix it.

I am hereby relinquishing your tether to me.
You can keep the severance.
This was supposed to be two ways and it was not.
You have taken precedence over me while I lifted you up.
When you fell I pushed you back up, and when I fall you walk away.
What kind of agreement is that?


In my opinion...

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